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Power Washing Greenville, SC to Meet Your Needs

Every home is unique, and we tailor our power washing service to meet your needs. Our team considers your home’s location along with natural factors like wind and weather to provide the most relevant power washing service. Speak with one of our agents to get your quote started today. Call or click for your free quote today.

We get the power washing of your home or business done right.

Your time is valuable. Leave it to the pros. The Softwash Pros.

Soft Washing Greenville

Pressure Washing With A Soft Touch
At Softwash Pros USA, pressure washing and power washing roofs, houses, brick, driveways, decks, and more are our specialties. We use the soft washing technique, which is not only safer than traditional power washing but is also longer-lasting. We ensure our cleaning lasts, killing the harmful contaminants in your home. In the long run, this will help save you money because our soft washing service keeps your home looking cleaner for a more extended period. Plus, if any spots come back, we will return to re-clean your home for you. Above all else, we want to provide you with the best-looking house on your block! Currently, we service all of Upstate South Carolina, including Greenville, PeeDee, Simpsonville, Anderson, Greer, Easley, and more.

✔️ 100% biodegradable solutions will never damage your home or surrounding vegetation.
✔️ 3-5 year warranty that gives you a free re-clean if mold, mildew, moss, or algae returns.
✔️ The "Don't Pay Until It's Clean" guarantee means you're never risking your money when you invest in our services.

  • We meticulously screen all of our cleaners, so you can rest assured that the service offered to your home will be of the highest quality.
  • We meticulously screen all of our cleaners, so you can rest assured that the service offered to your home will be of the highest quality.

Power Washing Yourself vs. Hiring the Pros

If you’ve decided your house could use power washing, also known as pressure washing, will you do it yourself or outsource the job to the professionals? This is an important consideration. While you may initially be inclined to believe you’ll be saving money embarking on a DIY project, do you have experience? There are a lot of ways you can do it wrong that can cost more in the long run. When you count on the team here at Softwash Pros USA, just some of the details we’ll get right include: Using the proper detergents Standing at the right distance Using the correct nozzle Assessing the surface material to identify the most effective power washing method Our team is here to save you time and get the job done right. We are proudly the first power washing company in South Carolina to offer Drone Cleaning Technology. This means, whether your home is a single story or 10 floors high, we can get the job done.