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Deck Cleaning Service

Deck Cleaning Greenville

Greenville, SC summers are perfect for outdoor activities. From backyard barbecues and game nights with the family to swimming, prepping for your garden, or just doing a leisurely crossword puzzle, your deck provides the perfect place to make lasting memories with the ones you love. To make sure yours stands the test of time, professional deck cleaning is the way to go. 

Sure, you want your deck to look great, especially if you host gatherings. More importantly, routine deck cleaning keeps harmful components that can lead to rot and decay at bay. The team here at Softwash Pros USA is here with all the tools and processes needed to keep your deck in great shape and always looking its best. We offer:

✅ Deck Cleaning

✅ Deck Washing

✅ Deck Pressure Washing

✅ Deck Power Washing

✅ Deck Soft Washing

✅ and more!

Deck Cleaning Greenville
Deck Cleaning Service

Prevent Wood Rot with Deck Cleaning Greenville, SC

Wood is undoubtedly strong and sturdy, but it’s also porous. This makes it vulnerable to the numerous elements it’s exposed to throughout the year. Continual rains, UV rays, extreme hot and cold temperatures, wind, debris, and pests take a toll over time. Many of these issues are elusive and hide beneath a seemingly intact surface. 


Our team employs the use of soft pressure washing. We apply just the right amount of pressure to remove the barriers and uncover areas of concern while simultaneously killing the bacteria that causes damage. When issues like mold and rot are present, we can uncover the problem, allowing you to take the preventive measures necessary to avoid costly repairs down the road. Just a few other benefits of deck cleaning for your Greenville, SC home include:


✅ Improve the overall value of your property.

✅ Keep your home clean as less dirt is tracked through the house from the deck.

✅ Ensure the safety of the ones you love with removal of possible mold and mildew that often grows on decks.

Deck Cleaning Greenville, SC

Here at Softwash Pros USA, we have the experience that makes all the difference. Unlike many of our competitors who use high pressure, our low pressure approach gets the job done while minimizing the chance of causing damage. We help you keep your carbon footprint low with biodegradable cleaning products that won’t cause any damage to your home or surrounding vegetation, further encouraging the maintenance of your outdoor utopia. 


Your 100% satisfaction is our goal, and that’s why we offer our “Don’t Pay Until It’s Clean” guarantee. We can walk you through the development of a plan that’s right for your needs and budget, so get your free quote today.

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